a note from bdbiz

It’s the ending of May and this year seems to be blazing by like an open stretch of the I55. I’m Loving it so far. These days I stay so busy, Completing the work me and Jason started 5 years ago when I said “Jay, Let’s make are own music” Slippery slopes lost hopes and loss of focus made us lose sight of the goal, the mission. Then last year we got a hunger back for this and haven’t quit. You all that have supported us from the jump get to witness this. Sam has his fire and hunger back as well, thanks Paloma lol. Hip hop J.r aka Goonie J my brother is a beast. Just wait and see. Shawn Kannon, shit ya’ll dont even know yet you got a sample.

I know it seems that I’m away from you all sometimes, and seem a bit disconnected. The fact is I work day and night and cant stop this train. To some this might be corny and shit but if I gave a fuck what people thought I woulda stopped along time ago. Haters motivate me. Your love motivates me . All in the same.

So many Projects are being worked on and we are all making a strong effort to get this all done. Special thank goes to Marie. Without you, Marie, alot of this would still be an idea in Jay’s notepad. Jacob Cuevas is sick with the lens and getting better and better. Jacob, thank you for what your doing for the GLFam.

I just needed to say some things bout what’s in my head so i can write these songs. Los, get back in the studio soon, bro. Dj Damnage you are my favorite Dj under 21! DysFunktion, fucking start working our mixtape needs to be done ASAP.

I wanna extend Thanks to Ill Legit & Isis for bringing me Sunshine. Illy you Fam bro.
ok ok thank you all for listening and supporting and loving you know who you are

Stay blessed.

Oh and Danny dont trip man we got tracks for you Son


i love you Kayleigh!!!!!

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