dear summer…

“Nah, J… I’ve listened to every single Goodlife song about a thousand times each but I have never jammed to those tracks as hard as I did on friday!” -Marie

The Dear Summer show at U.S. Beer Co was amazing. That’s it, no other words to put it. Big… huge… MEGA thanks to Ill Legit for putting it together and to everyone who came through. We hope y’all had a great time… shit, we KNOW you did… don’t lie, you were rapping and singing along.

Here’s a video shot by Mr. Jacob Cuevas of Eternal Sunshine performed live last friday. If you weren’t there… this is what you missed. Don’t worry though, you have a plethora of other opportunities to come see Goodlife do their thang… stay tuned for more updates and more pics from Dear Summer

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