New Music Mondays

Every week (every Monday… ah-haaa), King will be digging up some new music that we’re going to feature on our blog. We will be posting new tracks from the Goodlife fam and some from elsewhere. Wherever we get it, trust us, they’ll be hot. This week’s new shit are coming from two of our very own:

King released to two new tracks last week (I know, I’m perpetually late… m’baaad. You know you have to be remindin me). Cruisin and Where You Are ft. Decay. Check out King’s Reverbnation at, while you’re there, become a fan.

Next up is our very own DJ Dysfunktion who heating up soundcloud with his new track Fire. Visit his website at for more. Speaking of Dj Dysfunktion, he and Jus’ Sam are currently working together on their project: The AV Club . They also have a track up called I Want Love that you can check out on their new myspace: . (What happened to Beaver Outlawz *frown* lol)
That’s all we have for you this week folks, but check back next Monday, and the Monday after, and the Monday after and… well you get it.. because this feature will become bigger and better. If you’d like to submit new music for us to feature, you can do so by e-mailing me at

Enjoy your work week. At least it’s a short one. Peace.

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