New Music Monday #002 ft. The AV Club

Jus’ Sam: I got something for you for New Music Monday
Marie: Whatcha got? AV Club or Jus Sam?
Jus’ Sam: AV, that juke song.

And what a juke song. We’re kicking off this week with a new one from AV Club called Hotbox. I don’t know whether to spark up or pop that back. If I could do both simultaneously, can I put that on a resume? Anyway, stay tuned for more from DJ Dysfunktion and Jus’ Sam‘s AV Club

Speaking of AV Club, DJ Dysfunktion just posted a new one: This Is avaliable on his SoundCloud:

More new music this week…

Couple Rules: King ft. Rasheed Hadee & Chase Beatz

LP‘s new mixtape: The Afterset is available for download.
Favorites: Just Begun, Brown Sugar

Ace Da Vinci: The Collection EP is available here.
Favorites: The Girl Who Cried Relationship, So Amazinn
(Shouts to Gowhere Hip Hop. Good lookin, as usual)

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