New Music Monday #004 Ft. DJ Damnage

If there’s anyone giving DJ’s a run for their money, it’s this kid right here. He is the official DJ for Goonie J and certainly a valuable member of the Goodlife Music Group. DJ Damnage has been doing his thing since he was 13 and at the young age of 16 he’s already fuckin’ up your relationships (I love that tag line). Damnage is currently the #6 DJ in Tampa Bay, Florida and need I repeat? He’s 16. So all you DJ’s need to step ya game up, f’real. Check out his new mixtape Dubsacks & Applejacks available for download at the link below. Hurry up and be 18 so you can come home to the Chi, bro.

DJ Damnage Presents: Dubsacks & Applejacks

(graphic done by SupahFresh for 16thirtyone.Com… jus’ sayin. lol)

BROke : A Peer
Purchase his album on

U Dot Fam : No Problem

Omen : Forever

Nizm & Tim Jonz : Soul Step
(Read the full artice on this track at GWHH)

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