NMM #006 ft KING of Hearts

Goodlife Music Group‘s emcee/producer KING drops his mixtape, KING of Hearts today in time for Valentine’s Day — and yes the name’s always gotta be in CAPS and for good reason. With his mellow beats and smooth flows, he takes you through a journey through the ups and downs of “the game”. You know exactly what game I’m talkin about. He goes from playin the field, to meeting his one, and then to speaking about a love that has been lost. It’s been awhile since I heard an album/mixtape that tells a story I can relate to. For real. The vibes I get from his songs are reminiscent of those I get from old school classic hip-hop love joints. Marchin’ ft. Astonish is fast becoming my favorite track from this set. So if your taste is anything like mine, you’ll appreciate this for beats that stimulate the eardrums and lyrics that speak to the heart and soul. Download now, thank me later.
Artist & Executive Producer : KING
Co-Executive Producer: Jason FAYZE Valcarcel
Graphics: Marie Ferrer
Photography: Okay?!!
Model: Sheena Marie
Contact/Booking Info:

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