ASTONISH : The Astonishingly Odd Project


The long awaited album from Chicago hip-hop artist, Astonish “The Astonishingly Odd Project” dropped today. Here’s what GoodLife’s BDBusiness has to say:

“Clever word play with great delivery. Astonish hits you with a one two punch with great production to back it up. Upon listening to this project, you are thrust into a lyrically charged journey that only Astonish can guide you through. Chicago is definitely represented and is felt in every bar. Eppi, Jay Vega, Jdott Trife and others lend a hand to make this a complete “Astonishingly Odd” project. Alex Baez of GL Studios‘s sound engineering in the post, brought it all together for a great album.” – BDBusiness, GLMRecords

Aside from the project itself, Astonish, along with the genius videography talent that is Sense Hernandez (Beast Factory Films) drops a video for single “Lord Forgive Me” off of his album.

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