Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

This year was a great year for Chicago Music. GoodLife Music Group is glad and proud to be a part of the movement. The team at GoodLife Studios Chicago and GLMRecords Would like to express our appreciation for those who have supported us on the frontlines. We wanna say “thank you.” (insert Kona’s Voice) lol. 2012 is gonna be a “HELLUVA YEAR”

Shout outs

to the SRNC TEAM , Scheme, Jessie, Dj Scend, Adrian, Gus, Javy. Thank you guys. GLMRecords Artists DatKingCold, Isis Rose, REAP, Sam, Goonie J, Berto BdBusiness, Alex “Papi Beatz” Baez, DJ DAMNAGE!! S.L.A.P. FAM, JVEE, It’sQVC, Adrian “Junn” Casterjon. Molemen Records, JVMT Family, Jay Vega, 773Songbirds Jessica Jasmin and Jolin, Jacorey, DjNandoMagic, Kool Les, AdotR photography and Myles J,JVMT/GoodLife baby!! Thank you Sonia and Panik for everything, Much love to Astonish, Keep on Shining homie. 16thirtyone, Marie Ferrer Thank you so much Girrlll, stay SUPAHFRESH! Gracie “MsGEEaye” we love ya! thank you.

Trainwreck Symphony, YAWN, Glass Lux, JonJon Torres, Jay Skillz, MaxSoul, Sam Padrul, Jo N BY, 3-60 The Mack, ChiIll and Torture Chamber. Roy Smooth, Young Keys, ForceOneSeven and Na’el Sehade, Luke Hefner, JdottTrife, S4TP MrGeen and YoungHomie, BeastFactory Films Mr. Sense Hernandez, Visual, Forever Undefined, Gabriel Alexander. SHOOTFirstPhotos Thank you Scott!! RRavenPhotography thanks again Reap,Duwayne,RRaven and Paola!!! SeeOurVision, JacobCuevas, Outbreak, M.Appeal, Jamal Science, The Wright Times Erica “Hazel” Harlston and Shane Dunn, Alias Society Clothing Co.!! DjOzone, DSFKNGUY!! TheGoodFight and PhaseoneEnt Brigette, Angels and Kings thanks Kieron, Herson Escobar, Animal House, Pinky Ring, BCizzLac, 108, EClassEppi, SonnyBlack, EZ, GoWhereHipHop and Samantha Lebbos, Freshletes Clothing Co. Ill Legit, OneTwoKnow, Shawn Kannon, Kenny Cepican, BMC! Apple, BlackLionAudio,

just to name a few.

That’s about all we can think of at the moment. And a very special thank you to all the fans and supporters who Listen, buy, download , and share. All the hard work every one puts in is made possible because of you.

Thank you

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