Thaaaaas riiiiiigh… it is officially National BDBusiness Day 2012. So we at GoodLife would like to say a few words to one of our fearless leaders (well really, I’m speaking on everyone’s behalf so if I forget to say something, check me). B, once again, we’d like to thank you for gracing us with your talent and your presence in general. It is such a great pleasure to be working with an amazing individual such as yourself. You motivating words, positive vibe, your sense of humor, and your (almost daily) hugs are a huge part of what drives this team. With that said — and you know I say this every year —

but that’s not all, if you purchase two in the next 2 minutes…
here’s a little surprise from all of us… we love you b!

excuse the poor cuts and the poor editing, you know you’re the slideshow commander of the house.

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