datKINGcold NEW LP || Sunrise to Sunset

In a time when Rappers outnumber Emcees, datKINGcold is a throwback to the lyricists of Hip Hop’s golden age. Since the age of 16 KING has been honing his craft on the mic and behind the boards as a producer. Headstrong, cultured and charming KING makes his presence known by simply being himself.

Sunrise to Sunset is the second release from datKINGcold and continues his mission to grace every eardrum with his story.  The album features production by Papi Beatz, Jay Vega, Jason Alamo, FoxaZBeats, KING, ILL Brown, Taavi Haapala and collaborations with Yawn, REAP, and Astonish among others.  So sit back and enjoy the sounds of the one and only datKINGcold.

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