‘A-Trak House Party Tour’ Parts I + II [VISUAL]

As though rocking the party at some of the world’s biggest venues wasn’t enough, this fall A-Trak hit the road to get on the ones and twos at the country’s biggest house parties.

Seriously, the artist got in a van with fellow Fool’s Gold artists Flosstradamus & Donnis and set off on a party-crushing tour, turning private homes and properties into massive concerts from St. Louis to Athens (Georgia). In Part II, the party-makers head north to a secret location in Chicago, then east to Asbury Park Bowling Lanes.

Watch both videos for the music, but also for this other great stuff:

  • Donnis alternatively getting hit on, hitting-on, and grinding with pretty much every girl that ever makes it on-camera
  • A topless chick lying in a coffin, pretending to be dead
  • Party photographer/Twitter personality Kirill Was Here chugging whiskey… out of a vodka bottle
  • More topless chicks wrestling each other in a shower somewhere

via, CrosbyPress

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