Method Man Speak on 5th Studio Album, Crystal Meth

I’m a Wu head for life, so in 2013 and beyond the idea of solo albums from any members out the Clan still excites me. In this interview with MontrealityMethod Man speaks on his forthcoming 5th studio album, Crystal Meth. As far as when we can expect it, “I’m doin it at my own pace, which is slow as shit” – so don’t expect a release date in the immediate future. Mr. Mef also gets into the possibilities of a new Wu album, working with both Biggie and Tupac, his desire to work with Burt Bacharach and Garrett Morris (aka Stan from Martin), How High 2, and much more. Mef is clearly on that good good, but still a fairly in-depth interview, check it out below. 

via, okayplayer || Shamz

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