Air Penny 5 “Total Crimson” Hi-Top | Nike


If the NBA wasn’t ready for Penny Hardaway in the ’90s, it certainly wasn’t ready for the Air Penny 5 in this “Total Crimson” colorway. We don’t know who’s manning the color wheel over at Nike, but this heart-stopping orange neon hi-top is about as crimson Mark Zuckerberg… who got kicked out of Harvard… which is the Crimson… just go with it.

Almost as outrageous as the commercials by which the silhouette was promoted in the ’90s (below!), this kick features a glossy black midsole, mesh inserts, and “Part II Heaven Cent” & “The Storm Is Over” on its heel pulls.

Cop a piece of screamin’ “crimson” basketball history at Kith NYC‘s brick-’n-mortars, or by calling 646.648.6285. $165 USD.



via, CrosbyPress | Dave Infante

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