‘Wrath of Caine’ Mixtape [DOWNLOAD] | Pusha T

“Drug dealer Picassos” sound like paintings that would either go for no money at all, or all the money ever. If it’s  Pusha T manning the palette, though, the masterpiece is called Wrath of Caine, and it’ll run you zero dollars.

To no one’s surprise, the most recent addition to Pusha’s catalogue doesn’t deviate much from his signature snarling style — even the title, “Caine”, can be read as an overture to Pusha’s supposed relationship to “street life” and cocaine (the name of the legendary rapper is spelled “Big Daddy Kane”; the Biblical character to which the title also alludes is spelled “Cain”, without an “e”. That’s not what Push claims in this MTV interview; though.)

Despite it’s familiarity, WoC does delve deeper into imagery, flow, and beat selection. With production from Harry Fraud, The Neptunes, Jake-One, !llmind, and some coproduction by G.O.O.D. Music general Kanye West keep are able to maintain consistency even while aurally innovating across the mixtape’s 11 tracks.

Guest verses by Mr. Drive-By Troubles, French Montana, and Wale (among others) add brief glimpses of alternative lyricism, but overall, the question of whether you’ll like Wrath of Caine is merely a question of whether you like Pusha T. If you do like him (and we hope that you do), here are two tracks we’re really feeling:

  • “Revolution”: From Clipse, to Fear of God, to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, to G.O.O.D. Music Group, it’s been a long road for Pusha; hear him tell his story on this short-yet-outstanding track
  • “Doesn’t Matter”: On the second verse of this song, Push jokingly (?) claims responsibility for the shootings of JFK and RFK, and says “almost caught Reagan but they stopped us at the lobby.” Both Kennedys were outspoken about civil rights and the role of government, whereas Reagan was widely known as a curmudgeonly conservative. So what gives? This track also contains our favorite bar from WoC ”Your little n****s just dirty, mines is Zero Dark Thirty/ Mine is night vision, witch hunt, wrath of ‘Pac worthy.”

Download Wrath of Caine at DatPiff for free, right now.

Wrath of Caine

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