Jack White’s Latest Album Is Printed on an X-Ray Sheet


Getting your music characterized as “transparent” generally means you won’t be making money off it any time soon. But if you’re Jack White, it means business as usual — the Grammy-nominated artist pressed a special-edition vinyl of The Gibby Hanes Blues Series on X-ray sheets.

The 7″ see-through record will feature three songs that White recorded in collaboration with The Butthole Surfers‘ Gibby HanesThird Man Records (White’s label) characterizes the two originals/one cover offering almost as bombastically as its marketing stunt, but we love it anyway:

three blasts of psychic energy in the punk rock idiom exploiting a range of subjects from, teenagers on fire, Equine love affairs, and Recession shotgun stories.

The record will be for sale Valentine’s Day, but only at Third Man’s “Rolling Records Shop” at SXSW. If you’re not going, enjoy a sample from the “flex-ray” (below), or hit White’s website for more details. 

via PSFK

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