Drake | Started From The Bottom [VIDEO]

October’s Very Own didn’t even let the dust settle on his win at the 55th Annual Grammy Award’s, dropping the visuals to his single “Started From The Bottom” even as he was sitting in Staples Center watching the event.

The video is a tour-de-force of staple hip-hop visuals, boasting a skit interlude, thick women, a Lear jet, a white Bentley and matching white furs — the works. The best part (in my opinion) comes at around 2:50, when Drake is rapping from — literally — atop a billboard. Like, Billboard. But an actual, physical one high above the Toronto skyline.

I love it. Watch it. It’s great.

That said, I’m nothing short of troubled by the t-shirt Drake is wearing in the video’s third minute. For the love of all that is holy, what is that? It’s like a paisley bandana that went spray-tanning.

For more Drake, hit the artist’s iTunes.

via, CrosbyPress | Dave Infante

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