Saba x Mick Jenkins – HEAUX [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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FREE MY N19g4’s HEAUX!!!

Here is our latest music video with Saba x Mick Jenkins.

We shot HEAUX on January 20, 2013. The weather felt like 0 degrees, heavy winds, frozen cheeks, frost bitten hands– and of course we decided to shoot all scenes outside. Worst part our production truck (Candy Painted Red Ford Escort) broke down on us after renting a generator before our final shot.

It was that serious. I was wearing canvas shoes with double socks, bad idea, should’ve pulled out the Timbs. Despite the cold weather at the shoot everything came out super dope, the grind was so real.

Once again, Jay Caves did a tremendous job with the visuals. Share your experience of #Heaux on twitter. #Pivot #FreeNation.


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