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If you know the Hostile Takeover team, then you know about our obsession with hats.  Southern California’sBespoke Cut & Sew is a company who specializes in baseball cap customization.  Based out Rancho Cucamonga, Bespoke offers their clientele services in which they can customize bills and rear panel closures.


Navigating their website is a very efficient, linear process where the visitor can choose to purchase hats (including MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL teams, as well as various streetwear brands and blank hats) or send in a hat to be customized.


The second step involves choosing a particular customization service.  The customer can choose to replace plastic snaps on a snapback with a different color, change the material on a strapback, replace the brim, or all of the above.  You can even convert a fitted cap into a snapback or strapback cap, have sweatbands replaced, a alter a high-crown cap into a low-crown.


The last step lets the visitor choose a material for their new bill or strap.  From premium leather to Chinese silk embroidery, Bespoke offers a variety of prints, fabrics and materials.


For those of you who’ve always wanted to create a unique “1 of 1″ hat, Bespoke Cut & Sew’s services are just for you.  Even though I always tell myself to retire from the hat game, I think I might dabble into this in the future.

via, Hostile Takeover | Devious Impulse

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