Wale | VLOG Episode 1 #TheGifted

WaleTheGiftedPerhaps the most important step in achieving greatness is to study those who preceded you. Wale approached his forthcoming LP The Gifted from this standpoint according to the first episode of his new viral series.

The visual is an ill compilation of footage showing greats being just that. Among them are faces you’d expect to see like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Steve Jobs. Other scenes feature figures similar to the MMG rapper with the potential to join this esteemed class of individuals.

An earnest quote from Wale sets the video off, as he simply states: “I want this forever. I want to be one of the best. Whoever you think is the best of all time, I want you to put my name next to his. If not right now, then in a couple years.”

Wale said he wants to provide “a real life listening experience” with The Gifted, and says that he wants the project to be the soundtrack to fans’ summer. We’ll have to wait until June 25 to hear the project. The vlog below should excite folks in the mean time.


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