Dope.Boy.Magic “Rest in Fits” Spring / Summer ’13 Lookbook



Chicago’s own Dope.Boy.Magic is back with a new installment to his clothing line, and this Spring/Summer collection is chock full of hits. From t’s to tanks to sweatpants, ponchos headbands and the ever popular bucket hat, not a beat was missed with these designs. The background for this lookbook spans the country and features by far some of the best lookbook photography we’ve seen in quite some time. Taking center stage (after the clothing of course) is Savemoney’s own Dally Auston, who’s mixtape “The Wood” dropped earlier this year (mixed by yours truly) and is yet another rising star on the Chicago scene. You can acquire your piece of magic now via their online store. Complete lookbook after the jump.

dope.boy_19 dope.boy_18 dope.boy_17 dope.boy_16 dope.boy_13 dope.boy_14 dope.boy_12 dope.boy_1 dope.boy_8 dope.boy_10 dope.boy_9 dope.boy_7 dope.boy_4 dope.boy_11 dope.boy_5 dope.boy_6 dope.boy_3 dope.boy_2


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